How does it work?

  • FORBIS Mobile Monitor connect to the mains
  • In PoE RJ45 port for connecting the camera to camera 1-4
  • Connect your computer / laptop / other device meeting minimum requirements to run admin panel (viď FAQ)
  • After setting all the functions you can begin recording, tracking online.

Key Features

  • Easy and quick to install– device is designed as a compact unit, which is composed of simple elements. A comprehensive guide enables even the less technically savvy user of its installation anywhere in minutes.
  • Mobility – Mobile Monitor can be moved at any time and fully used where it is the most need.
  • Monitoring cameras and recordings from anywhere – Mobile Monitor The device can be connected anytime and anywhere via the Internet.
  • Access via a web browser – It is not necessary to install any software. The work of the system are just a web browser. The controls are intuitive and simple.
  • Night Vision – The cameras have infra red prisvietením that even in complete darkness, can illuminate objects and items you are interested in distance up to 15 meters.
  • Opportunity and Alarm notification – to increase efficiency and control over the monitored area can be in motion, or the erosion of send notification email (with photograph or report on events).
  • Low operating costs – monthly fee for Internet connection (representing the amount of about 10, - €) and consumed electricity are the only fees that are required to maintain the system performance online. The components and devices have a low energy consumption.
  • Modification – Mobile Monitor can be equipped with various accessories such as sirens, motion detectors, cameras, infrared illuminators in different configurations according to the requirements of the user.

Other properties

  • Unique digital zoom feature with digital rotating and tilting
  • Search records by the specified date, time, and events (motion detection, changes in input cameras, etc.).
  • When searching records the events and the values ​​displayed in summary charts
  • imetables for limiting records and user script
  • Network Setup DHCP automatically or manually
  • NTP client to synchronize the date and time
  • Function resumes after power outage
  • Compatibility with other security features
  • Email notification in the event of a breach of the observed object
  • Internet Connection Sharing on the deposit facility
  • Backing up data to an external server. (Depends on configuration backup system structure and connectivity)
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